Facilitating the telling of the stories
that need to be told when they are ready to be told

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Introducing 42ish media!
We facilitate the telling of the stories that need to be told, when they need to be told...
Do you have a story that you want to tell but need help doing so?
Perhaps you're all set to go but have no location to create it?
42ish media is ready.


The Carlton Project

The Carlton project is a 22 month long collaborative initiative between 42ish media, 365 Pro Wrestling,
and local artists to create a rentable community focused studio with the primary goal of creating an environment where the values of inclusion, equitability and creativity are merged.

Utilizing the former nightclub space at 900 Carlton Terrace, formally know as the Carlton Cabaret or Club, 42ish media through the Carlton Project is creating a venue that is approaching the studio and media production business with the primary goal to tell the stories that are not being told.

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